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Noelani offers fresh coconuts direct to businesses and consumers in Connecticut and the greater New York metropolitan area.

Noelani is all about fresh coconuts

At Noelani, our passion is for anything and everything related to the world of fresh coconuts. Our business is bringing them to you.

We have traveled the world and cultivated relationships with leading suppliers throughout...and some off the beaten track. Working directly with you we can custom-tailor supply and solutions to enhance the quality of your offerings and personal well-being.

Noelani ships, distributes and supplies health-minded consumers and businesses with the freshest whole (trimmed and/or untrimmed) coconuts.

• Direct delivery of fresh green coconuts.(Consumer and Commercial Accounts)

• Pick up & recycling of used shells/husks.

• On-site clinics to educate you on the benefits of coconut water.

• On-site clinics about how to properly tap a coconut to enjoy it's water.

• Sales of Dispensers and Tapping Tools.

Enjoy the life-giving force of Real, Fresh Coconuts. Harvested and Delivered To Your Door.


Please tell us about your about yourself/your business and how our fresh coconut delivery service can best enhance your life/business: